I am your personal IT Expert, here to answer questions, give advice, solve problems.


Got a virus, slow computer, too much stuff?


Share your files between computers. Share your printer. Setup your wireless right to keep someone outside from seeing what you're doing online. Have a server, router, firewall, switch - no problem. I've managed Cisco, CheckPoint, SonicWall, Microsoft, VMware, and others.


Lost files, drive not recognized, or computer thinks you need to format the drive? We have the tools to rebuild, undelete, and recover pictures, files, documents, and more.


Lost your data and files? Hard Drive not recognized? Point-of-Sale down? We can usually respond A.S.A.P. when time lost = money lost. (Best to call and not email)


Your PC may be as important as your car. Do you get regular check-ups for it? Maintenance plans give you frequent tune-ups and cleannings to improve performance. Check-ups to detect small issues before they lead to serious problems. Antivirus and backup options are recommended and discounted when bundled.


How-To, Lessons, Private tutoring. I enjoy teaching and I'm complimented for patience and making topics simple to grasp.


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Why hire an IT Expert? Quality, by continual training and recognizing skill with exams!


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I grew up with computers at home and school all of my life and have been working on PCs since high school. Some people are tired of work when they go home, but I always enjoy working on and learning more about computers.
I look for a job where I can contribute and be of service to my employer. I believe the world is what we make it and I enjoy doing anything that makes it better for others believing that when they benefit, I will too.
Among my strengths is to be detail oriented, foresee the impact and interactions of changes, and to always be looking for ways to improve efficiency. I believe that thorough and well organized documentation today will mostly solve problems that come up in the future. I also strive to achieve customer satisfaction by doing all the little details they don’t see but will give them a more rewarding experience after I’ve helped them.
I have lived in Gainesville for most of my life and I look for people and clients I can form a long partnership with.

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Mark McDow
Apple McDow
Office Manager
Earl McDow
Field Engineer
Darell Cook
Field Technician


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